October 2nd

The Dilemma of Desire, Midwest Film Festival


October 6th

ALTERED STATES part of the Musicbox of Horrors Drive Inn Series.


October 13th to the 24th

After Dark Series. Part of the Chicago International Film Festival 2021 edition.


October 23rd

Unbound Sound: Radical Futures


December 7th

CELEBRATING WOMXN VOICES part of the Midwest Film Festival.

WED, SEP 29, 2021

Solidarity Cinema screening of WORKING GIRLS (1986)

FRI, SEP 24, 2021

Screening: “This Is Indian Land, Okee-Chee’s Vision” by Sharon Okee-Chee Skolnick

FRI, SEP 17, 2021

Art Kills: Movie Marathon & Artist Talk with Sherwin Ovid

WED, SEP 15, 2021

Born & Raised Series Premiere

WED, SEP 8, 2021

Revolutionary Puerto Rican and Chilean NYC Underground Films by Jaime Barrios

WED, AUG 25, 2021

Silent Films and Loud Music: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)

WED, AUG 18, 2021

Released and Abandoned: Forgotten Oddities of the Home Video Era presents: Chains (1989)

WED, AUG 11, 2021

Goats and GOATS: A Jumble of Experimental Film (and other surprises!)

WED, AUG 4, 2021

Ethereal_interface Presents: dream_logs A visual album on VHS

WED, JUL 21, 2021


WED, JUL 14, 2021


WED, JUL 7, 2021

Chicago Film Society presents: Project Yourself! Greatest Hits

WED, JUN 30, 2021

Silent Films and Loud Music: Faust (1926) with Los Black Dogs

WED, JUN 23, 2021

Released and Abandoned: Forgotten Oddities of the Home Video Era presents: Crime Wave (1985)

WED, JUN 16, 2021

Comfort Film Presents: Church Basement Cinema with Jason Coffman

WED, JUN 9, 2021

Nothing Is Too Small for a Revolution: Anarchist Films by Nick Macdonald w/South Side Projections

WED, JUN 2, 2021

Comfort Film Guest Curator Series: Ritika Kaushik: “Phantoms of the Past”: a program of short films



October 2nd

Comfort Film Halloween: Shakma (1990)


October 9th

Comfort Film Halloween: Blood Lake (1987)


October 16th

Comfort Film Halloween: ALIEN ZONE AKA HOUSE of the DEAD (1978)


October 23rd

Comfort Film Halloween: The Soul Tangler (1987)


November 6th

Ismo ismo ismo : Altered Surfaces: Psychedelia and Abstraction


December 3rd

El Santo Double Feature


May 2020



August 19th, 2020

Socially Distant Outdoor Film Screenings: The Pink Egg (2017)


August 26, 2020

Socially Distant Outdoor Film Screenings: Big Eat Meater (1982)


September 2nd, 2020

Socially Distant Outdoor Film Screenings: Sombra Verde AKA Untouched (1954)


September 9th, 2020

Socially Distant Outdoor Film Screenings: Crime Wave (1985)


October 13th, 2020

LA LLORONA (1933) screening as part of the Musicbox of Horrors. 



JUN 19
Silent Films and Loud Music Series: The Monster (1925)


JUN 26
Silent Films and Loud Music Series: Hunchback of Notre Dame 1923


Church Basement Cinema Presents: Quadrus Films


JUL 10
Nasa Moon Landing 50th anniversary screening.


JUL 17
Los Olvidados (1950) on 16mm film.



July 18th

Walking WITH the limits of gender.

JUL 24
Ugetsu Monogatari (1953) on 16mm Film.


August 6th

Cut Short: A mini-mashup video series


August 14th

Damaged Goods Web Series (2019)


August 28th

The Beaver Trilogy (2000)




July 8: Women in Film Night

August 12: Chicagoland Shorts Night

September 9: LatinX Shorts Night





April 23rd

Guest Curator Series: Emily Hutchings

April 25th

Guest curator series presents “I’m not sure what you mean?”

May 2nd

Innu Nikamu : Chanter la résistance 

May 4th

The Art of Sitting Quietly & Doing Nothing (2018)

May 9th

Guest Curator Series: Hiromi Ueyoshi 

May 29th

Screening: Chicagoland Shorts Vol 4 at the MCA Chicago.

May 30th

Released and Abandoned: VHS Trailer-a-rama.



November 1st

The Akankshow TV movie.

November 3rd

Lost Landscapes a night with Rick Prelinger.

November 8th

The Origins of Wit & Humor

November 10th

2017 First Nations Film And Video Festival

November 11th

Cimmfest 2017 Shorts Film program at Comfort Film.

November 12th

Cimmfest screening of: David Bowie: The Last Five Years

November 12th

2017 CIMMfest, Student Film Showcase

November 15th

Chicagoland Shorts vol 3 Remix

November 29th

Released and Abandoned: Cleo/Leo (1989)



October 4th

Halloween at Comfort Film: Iced (1988)

October 11th

Halloween at Comfort Film: Project Nightmare (1987)

October 13th

Poetry in Motion

October 17th

The Search for WENG WENG Screening and Book Launch

October 18th

Halloween at Comfort Film: Unmasked: Part 25 (1989)

October 25th

Halloween at Comfort Film: The Brain (1988)


September 27th

Released and Abandon: Shredder Orpheus (1990)

September 22nd

Video! Video! Video Festival Day 2

September 20th

LiMeNites at Comfort Station Present Programmer’s Cut Uncensored

September 13th

Santo y Blue Demon vs Drácula y el Hombre Lobo (1973)

September 8th

Group 312 Films: 2017 Annual Report

September 7th

Cuban Experimental Short Films

September 6th

El Santo 100th Anniversary! El Santo vs Las Mujeres Vampiro (1962)

August 30th

Released and Abandoned: Whatever Happened to Susan Jane (1982)

August 23rd

Unearthed Cinema, the Esoteric and Arcane films of Irving Gamboa

August 20th

A retrospective of the Chicago Anarchist Film Festival.

August 16th

Odds and Ends Ephemera. Works on 16mm and 8mm film.

August 9th

Cosmos A Personal Journey on 16mm.

August 4th – 6th

James Fotopoulos: A three day Retrospective.

August 2nd

The Devil & Themselves: films by JB Mabe.

July 27th

Chicagoland Shorts Vol. 3

July 26th

Echo Haus vs Lorelei live score to 1915 Alice in Wonderland

July 21st

Comfort Film Presents: “official Selection 2016 Censorship & Free Speech”

July 19th

Digital Gnosis live score of A Trip to the Moon (1902)

July 13th

Within Our Gates (1920) with a live score by Paul Giallorenzo

July 11th

Silent Theatre Company live score of LuLu

July 5th

Volcano Radar(Miller/Barilari)Matt Lux/Dan Bitney – L’Inferno

June 28th

The POWER Project: The 39th

June 7th
The POWER Project: ‘Stranded by the State’ Screening

May 31st
Released and Abandoned: WNFU Halloween Special

May 24th
Daily Grindhouse Presents: Lucasploitation

May 17th
Comfort Film presents: Open TV Re-Presents

May 10th
Werewolves, Clowns, Perverts, and Cops

May 3rd
Comfort Film Presents Machinima Report

April 27th 2017
Mantel (part 1)

April 26th
TIPS 4 Tingles a live ASMR experience curated by Hanna M. Owens

Apirl 19th
Released and Abandoned: The Kill-Off (1989)

April 12th
Sinema Obscura presents: Animation Compilation @Comfort Station

April 7th
Comfort Film and Odd Obsession Present: Incall

April 5th
The Greatest House in the World/ La Casa Mas Grande del Mundo

March 31st 2017

Comfort Station Logan Square for Comfort Film

An Evening of Cinematic Works by Layne Marie Williams

March 29th 2017

Comfort Station Logan Square for Comfort Film

Video! Video! Zine! April issue

March 4th 2017

Panelist for Mapping Cinema in the City.

Hosted by Black Cinema House, in conjunction with University of Chicago’s  “Chicago Film Cultures” course.

February 11th 2017

Nightingale Cinema

Cellular Cinema: Liminalism

February 10th 2017

Hyde Park Art Center

Comfort Film

Hyde Park Art Center screening of Phantom of the Opera (1925)




October 19th 2016

Nightingale Cinema
Between Worlds
Spirits, Psyhics, Vortex
The 20th Montly Wretched Nobles.

August 25th 2016
Nightingale Cinema
Chicagoland Shorts Vol 2


August 19th 2016
Nightingale Cinema
Chicago called Fire After The Sun.

July of 2016
Acre TV
Vico, Videoclub of Expanded Operation